Based on the firm confidence to China’s opening-up reforms and the long-term developing perspective of China’s securities market, TX has adopted a number of philosophies to develop itself with the China’s capital market.

We promise our clients that we will pursue long-term development, and devote ourselves to creating lifelong careers for employees. Under no circumstances shall we sacrifice the long-term growth by taking short-term interests.


We will never rely on fortune or expect easy success. We are ready to make arduous efforts to succeed in this intensely competitive financial market with our persistent diligence and dedication.


TX has neither special status nor large amount of capital to favor an easy success. The only advantage we can rely on is sound commercial reputation, professional products and services, while the former is the lifeblood for us to survive, grow and succeed in the current fierce competition.


Independence, objectivity and integrity are the important tenet of TX’s working principle. We reach our professional conclusions and provide investment advice based on our independent and objective research, and will never trade them off with enticement or pressure from external sources. In order to guarantee the independence, objectivity and integrity of our professional services, TX commits to avoid the conflicts with asset management, securities brokerage and securities underwriting businesses.


As a specialist in the investment consulting industry, professionalism is an essential requirement for TX employees and their work. We welcome criticism and suggestions from our clients. “Picky” clients will be our best friends and teachers who can lead us to a greater success.

LIN Yixiang
Chairman and CEO

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